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Macabre is not your typical horror game; it’s a thrilling blend of stealth, horror, and cooperative gameplay that creates a new genre we call ‘Stealth Extraction Horror’. This unique gaming experience challenges players to extract valuable resources and escape while avoiding detection by a terrifying, shape-shifting entity lurking within the rift.

In Macabre, every decision is a delicate balance between success and disaster. Players must choose between working together or succumbing to the temptation of personal gain at the expense of their comrades. This choice becomes even more critical as the game’s intelligent monsters adapt to player strategies, making survival an ever-evolving challenge. The tagline for this gripping adventure sums it up perfectly: there’s only one word for it… MACABRE!

The enthusiasm and support from the gaming community have been overwhelming. Macabre has already made a significant impact, featured at prestigious events like the PC Gaming Show, Realms Deep, and SXSW Sydney. These showcases have provided invaluable feedback and fueled the development team’s passion to take Macabre to new heights.

Unlike many horror games, Macabre emphasizes stealth, cunning, and wit. There’s no option to shoot your way out of this nightmare. Players must choose whether to collaborate and face the horrors together or betray teammates for a greater share of the loot. However, straying from the group can be dangerous, as Macabre preys on isolated individuals.

A fellow Rift enthusiast named Banjo plays a crucial role in your survival. Banjo’s ingenious inventions, especially the Atomic Space Shifter, are essential tools for players. This device allows players to extract crafting items like Fragments and Artifacts from different timelines. The Artifacts’ properties influence Macabre’s abilities, so choosing the right gear for each unique threat is vital.

The first encounter with Macabre is a chilling experience. It assesses whether you are a threat or potential prey, and as it becomes more familiar with you, its aggression increases. Repeating the same survival strategies will backfire, as Macabre adapts and changes its behavior. Players must use perfectly timed distractions, stuns, or even sacrifices to navigate these terrifying encounters. While avoiding Macabre, players should also collect items for crafting. Everyday household objects and interdimensional alien Artifacts can help Banjo create new contraptions that aid survival.

One of Macabre’s core elements is its unpredictability. Each session randomizes the map layout, objectives, and monster behaviors, ensuring no two games are ever the same. This constant variation keeps players on edge, never allowing them to feel comfortable or familiar with the environment.

Meticulously crafted in Unreal Engine 5, Macabre features detailed environments that draw players into the unsettling reality of the Rift. The monsters, inspired by real-world predators, exhibit calculated behaviors and adapt to player actions, creating a continuous sense of tension and unpredictability. The absence of traditional combat mechanics emphasizes strategic thinking and resourcefulness, making every decision critical to survival.

Macabre is being developed by Weforge Studio, an independent game studio based in Sydney, Australia. Founded by two friends with backgrounds in film direction and interactive audio, the studio is now collaborating with talented artists and programmers worldwide to bring their passion to life.

The game will be built in phases, with the initial Alpha release focusing on implementing all core mechanics on a single map – ‘Snowgum Retreat’. This phase will include fully developed monster AI, sound design, locations, characters, items, and progression. The success of their Kickstarter campaign and the initial release will inform further development, including new maps, monsters, and puzzles.

Weforge Studio aims to deliver a polished and authentic experience by releasing the game in installments. Players can support the project and stay updated by joining the Macabre Discord community. Here, they will receive the latest developer updates and release news firsthand.

Macabre promises an unforgettable journey into the unknown, where every choice matters, and every encounter is a test of skill and nerve. Prepare to immerse yourself in the terrifying world of Macabre, where survival is a game of stealth, strategy, and relentless suspense.

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