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Theorycraft Games has revealed SUPERVIVE (previously codenamed ‘Project Loki’) as the title of their first game, which will enter open beta in late 2024. SUPERVIVE is a neon-apocalyptic hero battle royale, set in an improvisational action sandbox where strategic, explosive shootouts meet a new era of storm-chasing hunters. The aim is for SUPERVIVE to become the world’s next “10,000-hour game” for competitive squads. This free-to-play, squad-based hero battle royale has players team up in groups of two or four to battle enemies across a vast, sky-bound map while a deadly storm encroaches upon them. Players engage in dynamic combat, complete objectives, and use unique powers and equipment to devise creative strategies to outplay other teams and be the last squad standing. SUPERVIVE will always be free-to-play and is designed to ensure that cosmetics are the only in-game purchases, with no pay-for-power elements, ever.

“We left the security of our AAA jobs and founded Theorycraft to make a big bet on ourselves, to see if we could make the deepest games in the world, and to develop in a new way—out in the open with real players from day one,” said Theorycraft CEO, Joe Tung. “It’s been a wild ride to get to this point and we are proud to present SUPERVIVE as our first shot across the bow. We’re beyond grateful for our existing community and are super excited to welcome in new players!”

SUPERVIVE embraces open-ended abilities, powers, items, and world interactions, as well as physics-based combat and movement, allowing for expressive and intuitive action and traversal. Combat and movement are easy to pick up but also allow for endless depth and challenge in optimization. Players can choose from a variety of ways to play, including a 4-player squad, 10 teams per lobby battle royale; a 2-per-squad duos battle royale with 20 teams; and 4v4 deathmatches. At launch, there will be 15 hunters available, with more in development. While hunters fall into three major archetypes (fighters, controllers, and supports), all are designed to be self-sufficient playmakers. Each hunter has unique abilities, including four abilities, one ultimate, and a passive, and all are unlocked through regular play.

SUPERVIVE offers numerous ways to bring your team back into the game, including team-wide resurrection beacons, picking up downed allies in the middle of a fight, and the ability to revive dead allies after the action has settled. Combined with the game’s high lethality and playmaking depth, there is always the potential for a comeback. Each game can feature a random ‘storm shift’ that alters game variables, such as bullet trains, which place three high-speed, lethal trains on the map, and nomadic storms, which move the available playspace across large distances. Unique biome-specific monsters, bosses, and other game-changing mechanics come together for a world of systematic anarchy.

Theorycraft Games is committed to continuously developing SUPERVIVE alongside the community. The work won’t stop at launch, with plans for new hunters, new storm shifts, new biomes, new powers, and much more—all for free. SUPERVIVE is poised to redefine the battle royale genre with its innovative gameplay mechanics and commitment to player-centric development. As the open beta approaches, excitement builds for what promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the world of competitive gaming.

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